A Very Cool Visualization of Super Bowl History

From our friends at Chartball, here’s a pretty awesome data visualization of Super Bowl history.


The two segments at the bottom show each conference’s Super Bowl participants over time, with a rung for each time a given team has been in the Big Game, colored either light (for a win) or dark (for a loss). Note that Denver and Seattle each have a black rung in anticipation of their forthcoming matchup on Sunday.

If you want to make this thing really nifty, click through to Chartball’s site and put the top segment to use as well. By scrolling through those gray rungs, you get a look at each of the 47 Super Bowls thus far, giving further context to the bottom segments.

Chartball creates and sells sports data visualizations. Check the charts out — and if you like them, consider making a purchase — at Chartball.com.

photo credit: daveynin, Creative Commons/flickr