Baseball Uniforms, Premier Leagued

Another Saturday, another morning of the beautiful game. Here in the U.S., the sport has made great strides in recent years, perhaps highlighted by the $250 million NBC shelled out to buy the rights to the English Premier League and air it across the land on weekend mornings. And to strong results to boot. But there remain haters aplenty. They’ll come around eventually — after all, every fourth summer represents an opportunity, and this coming year moreso given the prime time real estate the World Cup will occupy since it’s being played in Brazil and thus a familiar timezone.

But nothing like familiarity to help ease the transition. To that end allow us to introduce you to the work of Mark Willis, who designed these takes on baseball uniforms as re-imagined for the Premiership — complete with shirt sponsorships, a soccer standby. A small sampling follows, but first, here are the parameters Willis put forth on his blog:

  • I’m not reinventing club histories, or pretending clubs were soccer teams all along, just translating their brands to the soccer “universe”.
  • I’m not changing logos, colors or visual properties – just trying to play within existing boundaries.
  • Today I’m using soccer kits – jersey shirts only, really, as this was a quick exercise – as the visual output. One per team, too – no away designs this time.
  • Where I can, I’m making guesses about the identities to fill in blank spots that don’t map easily over to soccer.
  • I’m trying to have fun, and I don’t take this seriously as anything more than palate-cleansing design exercise.

Alright. Here we go: The Boston Red Sox: red-sox The New York Yankees: yankees The Chicago Cubs: cubs The St. Louis Cardinals: cardinals And, in my aesthetic opinion, the team that most wildly benefits from a switch to soccer, the Arizona Diamondbacks (compare it with their hideous baseball digs): diamondbacks Click through to Willis’s blog to see all 30 teams, and lots of other cool design work.

And to tread on a similar theme, click here to see NFL logos redesigned as soccer badges, via Football As Football.