In Case You’re Missing the Point About Chief Wahoo

With all the debate surrounding the Washington football team’s racist name, it seems like Chief Wahoo — or rather, the Cleveland Indian’s continued use of the blatantly offensive cartoon Native American mascot — has gotten off easy.

But the Internet earlier this month decided to say “Not so fast!” with the viral-ization of this poster earlier this month. The poster below was released in 2001, but saw new fame within the confines of the Redskins debate. It was created by the National Congress of American Indians.


While ‘Redskins’ carries clear and despicable racial connotations, ‘Indians’ might well settle into the ethically questionable consortium of names like ‘Chiefs,’ ‘Blackhawks,’ and ‘Braves’ — if not for this ridiculous fucking logo. As things stand, the poster speaks for itself.

Meanwhile, The Onion played along similar lines earlier this week in its approach to the ‘Redskins’ issue, publishing an article (satirical, obviously, but I can’t tell you how often I do a double-take at Onion headlines before realizing the source) titled, “Redskins’ Kike Owner Refuses To Change Team’s Offensive Name.” Welp.

photo credit: Ralf Peter Reimann, Creative Commons/flickr