Hikers Topple 200-Million-Year-Old Rock Formation, Brag About It

By and large, hikers tend to be pretty cool, generally seeking exercise and the opportunity to spend some time in nature. These are reasonable things to do.

But there’s a subset of the hiking realm that prefers to do unreasonable things. You might call them morons. And these three hikers in Utah appear to be, well, a trio of fucking morons.

Janelle Stecklein of The Salt Lake City Tribune reports:

“A group of hikers is potentially facing felony charges for destroying a rock formation nearly 200 million years old in Emery County.

“The trio of men was adventuring in Goblin Valley State Park when they decided to film themselves knocking over one of the formations, known as ‘goblins.’

“One man can be seen leveraging himself against a nearby rock and pushing a formation over.

“‘We have now modified Goblin Valley,’ the cameraman crows. ‘A new Goblin Valley exists with, uh, this boulder down here on the bottom. Muscles here pushed it off.’

“The three laugh, cheer and high five each other.”

Stecklein’s article identifies the three men were identified as Dave Hall, Glenn Taylor and Dylan Taylor. In the video, they appear to think they’re doing a public service.

We feel particularly justified in the use of “morons” to describe these particular morons, because videotaping this incident was a real moronic thing to do. Also, people who call other people “Muscles” — they, too, tend to be morons.

The formations that characterize Goblin Valley are called hoodoos, which are tall, thin formations that derive their shape from long periods of erosion. “Goblin Valley includes an area where soft sandstone has eroded into interesting shapes, somewhat resembling goblins,” reads the state park’s website.

Update: The three men are Boy Scout leaders. BOY SCOUT LEADERS!

Salt Lake City Tribune: “Men may face felony charges after toppling Goblin Valley formation”

photo credit: Sandy Horvath-Dori, Creative Commons/flickr