Here’s What Pangea Would Look Like With Today’s Political Boundaries

Ah, Pangea. It’s like a small-town high school for the world’s landmasses. Everybody got to know each other pretty well, but damn, they couldn’t wait to get out of there. (Did you guys ever hear the rumors about Australia and Antarctica junior year? Oh man, ask India, she was right there.)

Italian blogger Massimo Pietrobon decided to imagine the class reunion. Yeah, the dinosaurs that used to inhabit the ol’ supercontinent are long gone and yeah, the Dipshits Who Roam the Earth Today have made things kind of tense over the years. But hey, what the hell. Let’s break out the bubbly and remember the good times.

Anyway. Here’s what Pangea might look like with today’s political boundaries.

Map created by Massimo Pietrobon

Map created by Massimo Pietrobon

Pietrobon remarks (bear with me on the translation):

We Europeans instead are finally home in Africa. After thousands of deaths in the sea to get to Europe, we now arrive by bicycle!

The good times indeed.

Mi Laboratorio de Ideas! by Massimo Pietrobon