Headlines in History: December 20, 1913

When I was in sixth grade I visited Hershey, Pennsylvania. My uncle worked for the chocolate company and got us a private tour of the factory. We wandered around with hair nets, watching the giant machines make Hershey Kisses and tasty chocolate bars. After we left, I couldn’t eat chocolate again for over a year; the smell was too overpowering. Last night, I made chocolate-pomegranate bark for almost three hours. This morning, I feel like it is sixth grade all over again. Whatever your sweet tooth tells you this glorious Friday, don’t test all the spoons and enjoy another Headlines in History.

New York Tribune:

I’m fairly certain this is not the actual definition of a martyr, but I do feel pretty bad for that turkey. It was so close to it’s obesity goal!!



East Oregonian (Pendleton, OR):

If there were ever a stereotypical Italian accent, it is right here: “I taka da chance and I getta da fine girl. She laka me too and we be vera happy.”



Goodwin’s Weekly (Salt Lake City, UT):

“A Thinking Paper For Thinking People.” If the title of the paper doesn’t perfectly illustrate this image, I don’t know what does.



Le Meschacébé (Lucy, LA):

“If you must have snow, us asbestos fibre.” Good lord. The lungs of a generation were destroyed after that Christmas.



The Tacoma Times:

Apparently South Americans loved Teddy Roosevelt during his famous journey south. It was covered in a great book, River of Doubt.