Headlines in History: December 19, 1913

My new favorite word is “balter”: to dance artlessly, without particular grace or skill but usually with enjoyment. That tends to be my style of dancing, as I lack virtually all conventional artistry when it comes to dance, but do vastly enjoy myself after a good jaunt on the dance floor. So, balter through this Thursday and discover a new tidbit or two in Headlines in History.

Clinch Valley News (Jeffersonville, VA):

A Racycle? Back in 1913 it would be an affordable gift. Now? It’ll put you back $8,000.



Durant Weekly News (Indian Territory, Oklahoma):

For morbid Christmas gifters, this is a must have.



Barton County Democrat (Great Bend, KS):

Tis’ the season for children to be obviously nice in order for Santa to give them presents. You wouldn’t believe how many children have been complimenting me at school this week.


Iowa State Bystander (Des Moines, IA):

Assorted ads and children playing drums.



The Carlsbad Current (Carlsbad, NM):

Wow, bold move, paper. Debunking the myth that Christmas happened in December.

First Christmas


The Mahoning Dispatch (Canfield, OH):

The Society For The Prevention of Useless Gifts. Brilliant.



The Bemidiji Daily Pioneer (Bemidiji, MN):

This creepy Santa never fails to creep me out.