Headlines in History: December 18, 1913

As Headlines in History plows through December, we pause to think of all those brave snowplow operators who make it possible for the dreams of snow days to be dashed in so many children and teachers. Here’s to you, Mrs. and Mr. Plow.

The Seattle Star:

How to ensure that people won’t escape detention centers? Have doughnuts that are so good that even if someone does escape, they’ll come back for more:





The San Francisco Call and Post:

Good ol’ Orville Wright. This time the flyin’ inventor discovered the three axis control which allowed avaitors to control the plane much easier than before.



New York Tribune:

John “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald was an accomplished Massachusetts politician. He served in the Massachusetts Senate, the US House of Representatives, and Mayor of Boston. In 1913, he decided his time as an elected official was coming to an end. However, he did have a few relatives that would carry on his tradition (cough cough JFK, RFK, Ted).



Monroe City Democrat:

Quite a question…