Headlines in History: December 17, 1913

Yesterday my students had a Roaring Twenties party. Each of them had to research one individual from the era, then socialize as that person. I, the host, was Lenin. Some people claim that school shouldn’t be fun. I disagree. Especially for history, if you can’t make it interesting and come alive, it is lost already. So sit back and enjoy, actually enjoy, some news from our past. Here are the Headlines in History from 100 years ago.

The San Francisco Call and Post:

I wish I could fine more people for swearing, namely my second period students.



The Sun (NY, NY):

“The baboon had become very expert in searching pockets and handbags for cocaine.” We need to hire this animal as a drug sniffing dog.



East Oregonian (Pendleton, OR):

I’m also willing to bet they will fall. (You walked right into that one, headline writer).



The Manning Times (Manning, SC):

Give it to the Manning paper to complain a whole lot. I’m also not sure that deer can loiter. I think they are just deer, not teenage hooligans.



And now for some Christmas advertisements!

The Seattle Star:

It isn’t that you’ll get better deals. No, you’ll be spared the wrath of salesgirls.



Mower County Transcript (Lansing, MN):

Oooo, self filling pens!



Bryan Daily Eagle and Pilot (Bryan, TX):

Gotta love that peach Christmas tree.