Headlines in History: December 16, 1913

The wind blows colder, the snow falls heavier, and my list of Christmas gifts I need to commandeer doesn’t grow any shorter. But, alas, such is the story of the season, so sit back, relax, and enjoy a Monday edition of Headlines in History.

Aberdeen Herald (Wyoming Territory):

People want oil? Their thirst can’t be quenched? Just wait another hundred years, my friends.



El Paso Herald:

Ah, family feuds. So much more than an entertaining television show. This family feud is a little more intense, with whippings and burnings downs of houses.



The Bemidi Daily Pioneer (MN):

Jameis Winston won the Walter Camp award last week for player of the year. Of course, everyone under the age of 80 wondered, “who the heck is Walter Camp?” He is just the father of modern football, and the originator of the all-stars for college football.



Omaha Daily Bee:

I don’t want to step on any toes, but I’m willing to bet that this judge is severely misled. There are any number of examples of child stars who actually want to get out of the limelight. However, such decisions as this have allowed for child stars to exist and presumably miss a whole lot of school.

Child Stars


Christmas Ads Time!

Albuquerque Evening Herald

He’s coming, he’s coming, he’s coming….



The Bee (Earlington, KY):

Everyone loves jewelry for Christmas!!



The Lafayette Advertiser (LA):

Christmas: Day of Sad Misgiving. How uplifting those Christmas ads from banks can be…