Headlines in History: December 13, 1913

Friday the 13th. The day everyone laughs at and yet warily eyes on the calendar. Origins of the fear are uncertain, but many believe that 13 is simply an irregular number, one that is a stark contrast to the twelve apostles, twelve months in a year, twelve tribes of Israel, twelve signs of the Zodiac. Some believe that there were 13 people at the Last Supper, and we all know how that turned out. Da Vinci got a painting. Whatever the origins the day, I’m just happy it is Friday and that we have another edition of Headlines in History.

Tulsa Daily World:

I like the mentality behind this Christmas ad. It wasn’t “shop early and save money you greedy pigs!” Instead, there was a human element involved: “Shop early and save the clerks.” Bravo.



The Seattle Star:

Some people are shocked when I say I hate dogs. I direct their attention to stories like this one and remind them that I was once a paper boy.



The San Francisco Call:

I imagine this story arose out of a bet. “Hey Jacques, Americans are very stupid.” “Yes Pierre, I agree. Let us play a joke on them.” “How about we tell them that if they pretend to be a jackass or monkey, they won’t go deaf.” “Hahahahahaha. I bet they put it on the front page of a newspaper.” “Silly Americans!”



And now some assorted Christmas Advertisements:

Abbeville Progress (LA):

Not to be judgmental, but perhaps a better model would have done them better. This girl looks like she just woke up.



Colville Examiner:

Hmmm, what’s that, Old Santa, electrical gifts are all the rage?



The Colfax Chronicle (Colfax, LA):

Please your husband with a nice pillow this Christmas. Can also be used to whack him when he is a misogynist schmuck and doesn’t give you kind treatment too.



The Appeal (Saint Paul, MN):

Creepy Santa sure seems eager to promote alcohol for Christmas.