Headlines in History: December 10, 1913

For those of you reading this, you are among the few. I have been trying to figure out over the past few weeks why Headlines in History doesn’t perform as well as the other content Yester puts up. Perhaps it is a lack of flashy color in the main picture. Today, color shall reign!

The Washington Times: 

Perhaps it is because I am cynical, or perhaps because I know Prohibition was a dismal failure, or perhaps I very much enjoy alcohol, but I find it silly that children would lead the march against alcohol. Yes, they can testify about the effects of alcohol on their family, but it’s easy to give up something you’ve never had before. However, the movement did win and the 18th Amendment came into effect seven years later.



The San Francisco Call and Post:

I had never heard of this man before today, but Elihu Root, an American, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1912. He served as Secretary of War under McKinley and Roosevelt and used his position after the Spanish-American War to give Cuba to Cubans and to ensure the Philippines had a government. He also brokered deals between the US and England over Canadian border disputes and co-authored the Root-Takahira Agreement between the US and Japan over Pacific interests.

Elihu Root


The Evening Herald (Klamath Falls, OR):

The debate over making school lunches healthier has been fought for over a hundred years now. Perhaps Michele should take some advice from this battle: “The hardest item in the menu to replace was the ice cream. Here again we resorted to psychology, and had sandwiches displayed in tempting style.” I wouldn’t mind some sandwiches in tempting style in my life.

School Lunch


Warren Sheaf (Warren, MN):

Christmas is coming, and soon Santa will be attacked by small children demanding payment in toys.



The Tacoma Times: