Headlines in History: December 9, 2013

The weekend has left us in its wake and we begin the week with another edition of Headlines in History.

El Paso Herald:

Now this is an obituary to lay your hat on. Joe Mulhattan made a career of deceiving newspapers with bogus stories, which helped his actual job as a salesman. I would buy anything from this guy.



The Seattle Star:

Know how the kids tell a weird story that doesn’t sound plausible, then to spice it up add, “then I found $20”. This story is kind of like that, except it involves a ghost locking a door, then stealing $20.



Bismarck Daily Tribune:

“It is said the wizards constitute a powerful trust.” It is also said that if there are wizards or witches anywhere, leave them alone!  Gonna get you ass turned into a newt.



The Caucasian (Shreveport, LA):

Each time I open up The Caucasian, I hope to be surprised by it’s political correctness, or at least, find no racist articles. Alas, I never do. I present to you: The Yellow Peril. The Japanese are apparently planning to take over the Philippines, which, to be fair, actually did happen in 1942. So, while the story might have had some accuracy behind it, I will still ignore it.



The Citizen (Honesdale, PA):

I’m not going to point fingers, but this accident sounds fishy. Firstly, a brewery wagon is involved. Secondly, the wagon is being driven through a blizzard. Sure, drunk driving laws were a new entity in those days, but I would have raised some questions as to the sobriety of the driver.