Headlines in History: December 5, 1913

Did you know that it is illegal for a teacher to hang student work around the classroom? It is a breach of privacy and a teacher could be arrested for such an act. Same goes for those times you had to switch papers and correct your partner’s work. Privacy broken again. When I found this out yesterday, I chuckled to myself, “I guess I’ll be going away for a while then.” The concept got me thinking further, though, and gave this question to pose to you: of all subjects, what kind of teacher is most likely to be arrested for breaking an absurd law intentionally? My vote goes to a history teacher, as they have a broad grasp on things and tend to be hip enough to care. Any other takers? In the meantime, another edition of Headlines in History is upon us.

Mountain Advocate (Barbourville, KY):

Speaking of silly laws, apparently New York had outlawed married women from teaching. Luckily a judge realized such a law of stupid on all levels, though I’d imagine that the judge wasn’t as articulate as this columnist: “It takes a certain hypnotic quality, a faculty for making dull routine fascinating to small folks.” Ah small folks, the things we do for you.

Married Teachers


The Harlowton News (MT):

Ah, nothing like minstrel shows to bring in the Christmas season. Poking fun at minorities could never be more entertaining.

Minstrel Show


Daily Capital Journal (Salem, OR):

Cowboys, I faithfully portrayed you in battles against the Indians for most of my childhood. I would have taken an arrow or been scalped for you, and this is how you repay me!? I’m disgusted…



Rogue River Courier (Grant Pass, OR):

The newspaper with the best name of the day also has a story we can all relate to, whether we admit it or not. Poor guy.