Headlines in History: December 3, 1913

If anyone follows Icelandic news, they would have been shocked to see that police yesterday shot and killed a man, then delivered a heartfelt apology to the relatives of the victim. Police brutality! you shout! But nay, I say, nay. The victim had a shotgun and was unwilling to speak to police, even after tear gas was used. When officers entered the man’s apartment, one was shot in the head, the other in the hand. Only then was force used to subdue the man, ultimately resulting in the first killing from an armed police operation in Iceland. EVER.

If that story isn’t wild enough, get ready for your Tuesday edition of Headlines in History.

Weekly Journal Miner (Prescott, AZ):

For those of you not up one your Chinese history, the Chinese Revolution, aka the Xinhai Revolution, occurred in 1911 and ended imperial rule after 2000 years. The new government included Yuan Shikai, former military strongman for the last emperor. After ending a brief civil war, he was elected president, though he still had issues to deal with, like rebels staging uprisings.

Chinese Rebels


The Hartford Herald (KY):

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was implicated by the UN for war crimes in this next arti. Wait. That wasn’t 100 years ago. Ah, Mexican rebels were accused of war atrocities. How the times have changed…



The Richmond Climax:

To liven up a rather sober Headlines, I’ll give you the top stories from the ever-entertaining Climax. 

Climax headlines

New York Tribune:

Ever see those silent films where the evil villain ties the beautiful damsel to the railroad tracks? Well, the seemingly corny plot has some basis in reality.

train Track

The Times Dispatch (Richmond, VA):

The mayor of Chicago always has pressing issues: crime, unemployment, windy days, and women’s hats. Those pesky feathers on the hats are just disturbing too many male faces! The mayor notes that tall feathers should come into style, as long as they don’t, “exceed the building limit of 260 feet.” Gotta love a witty mayor.

tickle eyes