Headlines in History: December 2, 1913

December falls quickly upon our planet and the year is suddenly on its last legs. This is particularly disconcerting to me, as I haven’t covered nearly as much as I think I should have in my history classes. However, the more frightening part of today would have to be the crazy dreams I was mercifully pulled from not a few minutes ago. Over the Thanksgiving break, I went shopping for new teacher clothes, accompanied by a wonderful friend/fashion expert. In my dream, not only did students ridicule my new styles, but I was utterly lost in the labyrinth of school. Here’s to hoping neither situation plays out to be true, but even if it does, we have some Headlines in History to start December right.

The Democratic Banner (Mt. Vernon, OH):

Fellas: ever wonder why you can’t concentrate at Bible study? It’s probably because women are present, and what’s more, they’re wearing lingerie!!! Dastardly females! Distracting you from scripture!

Bible Meeting

Bismarck Daily Tribune (ND):

Speed traps have been the ban of human existence since we left our feet in favor of swifter devices. In 1865, “traffic calming” became a thing when vehicles were limited to travel no faster than a human could walk. When cars were invented, motorists began to complain that police speed traps were little more than a means to extract fines. Whilst living in Belize, I can attest that such a use of speed traps was common.  In this “speed crusade”, hundreds were cited for speeding, but many choose jail time rather than pay a fine, and according to the report, those in jail had a lovely time.


New York Tribune:

I always wondered where they got the idea for that movie…


Aberdeen Herald (Wyoming Territory):

Are those skinny jeans I spy in the bottom left? Watch out, hipsters are going to have a field day with these styles.


The Seattle Star:

For those of you who like to think it was just the south that were the worst offenders when it came to racism, think again. This incident occurred in Oklahoma, but I would like to note that the Seattle paper puts the news under the humorous category, “Well I Declare!”


The North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune (NE):

Nothing says the holidays like the annual wolf hunt!!!

Wolf Hunt