Headlines in History: November 30, 1913

As we await word from astronomers about the fate about comet Ison, some of us are left wondering if the survival of the comet will mean that the dragons have returned. Others of you might be curious whether humans have ever been able to view a comet with a naked eye during the day. Well my friends, it has happened a handful of times. In 1680, people in Albany, New York were able to see the first recorded comet during the daytime, and since then, only eight more instances have occurred. Here’s to hoping Ison puts on a show, but while we wait, enjoy another edition of Headlines in History.

The Washington Times:

“Tiger tiger, burning bright, in the forest of France.” Everyone knows the William Blake poem. Wait. France? Sure enough,  a panic ensued in France when a movie tiger escaped and carried out terrible tiger deeds.



The Sun (NY, NY):

First the tiger, then a war-eager neighbor is suddenly in financial problems? France is in for a rough few years here.



Omaha Daily Bee:

Rafael “Red” Lopez was born in Mexico in 1886 and worked as a miner. A skilled marksman, he began working for Buffalo Bill‘s Wild West show. That same year, however, he got in some trouble with the law after shooting a fellow miner then killing three lawmen who were sent to arrest him. The news of the hunt of the bandit gripped the nation and the largest posse ever assembled was put together to hunt for the man. I won’t spoil the ending, so get ready for the gripping conclusion!!!



Bismarck Daily Tribune:

Before you think it would be a good idea to ask out the pretty lady you see working in the shoe section while you do your post Thanksgiving shopping, take heed!