Headlines in History: November 26, 1913

I understand sirens, I really do. They are essentially great big, “GET OUT THE WAY!” contraptions that wine and shriek and scare people. Sirens made their first appearance in 1799 when Scottish philosopher John Robinson developed the first model. Of course, Robinson was also an Illuminati conspiracy theorist, so I get where he wanted to bring people’s attention. Sirens were initially used on fire stations and churches to alert townspeople of fires or other emergencies, and their use hasn’t changed much to this day. Now, my issue with sirens is not with their purpose, my issue is their use at late hours. Last night, at approximately midnight, five fire trucks screamed down my street and parked themselves by a nearby house. They sat there, lights a flashin’, for about five minutes, then tore off into the night again, sirens blaring. WHO NEEDED TO BE AWARE OF YOUR PRESENCE!?!? Minimal cars are on the road at such a time, so the only people alerted to the threat that WASN’T A THREAT were the sleeping folk. Dah! And with that, we scream into another issue of Headlines in History.

The Adair County News (Columbia, KY):

Tis’ the season for Thanksgiving messages, though this one is just weird. Other than some rather inaccurate historical statements (the Pilgrims feasted for three days), I do enjoy the author’s nice jab at the evil of trusts.

Thanksgiving Message

The Evening World (NY, NY):

Sure, we’ve heard about the terrible pollution issues in Beijing, which is sometimes so bad that roads and airports are closed. However, smog and pollution are nothing new. In 1913, Chicago was cast into darkness by the smoke that was coming from factories, businesses, and homes.


Daily Capital Journal (Salem, OR):

These robbers didn’t expect to run into, “Alex Webster, a husky citizen”. Webster, having just left the bank, saw the robbers rush in, “knocked down the first with a blow of his fist” then proceeded to throw the second robber into the third, closed the bank door, then ducked down to avoid the shotgun blast. I’m pretty sure Alex Webster is actually a superhero.

Bank Robbers


The Richmond Climax (Richmond, KY):

I will let the image do the talking…

Great Success

photo credit: MSN Movies


The Seattle Star:

I imagine this is how many of us are feeling right now:

Turkey Waiting


The Daily Ardmoreite (Ardmore, OK):

On this day, the Jesuits were disbanded, the Continental Congress met in Maryland, and the First Thanksgiving was observed by the United States, per George Washington’s request (not in the paper, but still good news).

This Day