Headlines in History: November 25, 1913

After a weekend hiatus, we’re storming back like the New England Patriots with another edition of Headlines in History.

The Washington Herald:

Some poor chap was doing really well while playing Monopoly, but his fortunes changed and he was forced to start selling off properties. Wait, this news article wasn’t about the game? There actually was a B & O Railroad? True on all counts. B & O was one of the oldest railroads in America and was the first to offer passenger services. BO

The Herald and News (Newberry, SC):

While the President of the United States has a tradition of pardoning a turkey, South Carolina’s governor pardoned 100 inmates in 1913 to celebrate the holiday. The article lists all men who were freed, then makes the point that, “more than two-thirds of those receiving clemency are Negros.” Perhaps our southern friends are writing this to pat themselves on the back for doing something good for the people they discriminated against for almost two hundred years. But, odds are that there were simply more people of color in jail in the first place. Nationally today, 60% of inmates in American prisons are African American. So, nice gesture, governnor, but perhaps a better gesture would be revamping the criminal justice system. Parole  Hopkinsville Kentuckian:

Consider this a preview to a more comprehensive article from this author soon, but the issues we have with football today are nothing new. Football

The Democratic Banner (Mt. Vernon, OH):

Perhaps America should have listened to this man and avoided a foolish amendment. Bravo, Cornell professors.

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