Headlines in History: November 22, 1913

Last night I was talking to a friend about the Peace Corps, an organization launched in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy. Personally, I have very mixed opinions about the organization, especially since I have met volunteers both while living in southern Africa and in Central America. The three missions of the Peace Corps are such:

1. To provide technical assistance…

2. To help people of the world understand American culture…

3. To help Americans understand world cultures.

These are fantastic goals, but as one who has spent two years living in a foreign country (Belize), I believe the second two goals should take precedence over the first. The very fact the volunteers were known as “missionaries of democracy” makes me cringe. Missionaries care more, from those I have met, in the end goal of spreading religion than developing understanding and establishing relationships. It is that ability to relate to others and understand their lives that will impact people the most in the end, not what project you completed. As a whole, JFK’s volunteer army has spread a better understanding of America around the world, and has opened the eyes of thousands of young people to countries and cultures they had never thought of before. Even without the development projects included, I consider that a job well done, Mr. President.

Now, for some Headlines in History.

Bryan Daily Eagle (Bryan, TX):

Make sure you have all the essentials this Thanksgiving, like lemon and orange peel? Figs and dates? Shelled nuts? Where’s the pumpkin pie, Sanders Bros?

Thanksgiving Dinner


Abbeville Progress (Abbeville, LA):

In 1913, motion pictures were common in big cities, though still lacked any sound. In many cases, an organist would be hired to provide some dramatic music while the film was played. I would imagine it would be particularly important for this movie, as sitting through 48 minutes of silence would be particularly dreadful to me. Note that the film is treated like a theater production as it is broken into acts, which is also how many reels of film there were. Ivanhoe was one of the first movies shot outside of the United States by an American company.



The Ogden Standard (UT):

The Harvard football team was named national champions in 1913, but the Harvard-Yale rivalry was one of the highlights of the year, and remains so to this day. Harvard was victorious in this game, which included Eddie Mahan (considered the greatest football player of all time by Jim Thorpe) and Bud Talbot, coach of the Dayton Triangles, a charter member of today’s NFL.


The Seattle Star:

Immorality!!! Just a suggestion, terribly upset author, but perhaps the tactic where you, “tell our children nothing of the sex mysteries,” isn’t the best one. CHILDREN ARE CURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! FOOL!!!!!!!!!! Also, take note of the memories of his misspent youth (robbing orchards, annoying policemen, smoking cigarettes). I’m glad he’s focusing on providing zero information on the activity that creates life (sex) and feels the one that can end life (smoking) is innocent fun.



The Watchman and Southron (Sumter, SC):

Gotta love that Southern cooking…