Headlines in History: November 19, 1913

In case you didn’t catch the action in person, visitors at a Texas zoo yesterday were shocked when they saw a lion kill a lioness in the enclosure where they have lived peacefully for years. Might I remind you that lions are capable of anythingeven brothers. So, be ready for some more unpredictable stories from 100 years ago with Headlines in History.

Keowee Courier (Pickens Court House, SC):

There is something fascinating about prison escapes that intrigues us. Perhaps we are impressed at the amount of skill it takes to defeat a system we have innate faith in, or maybe part of us just wants to be a criminal who is too smart for the world. Whatever it is, this guy certainly put some effort into getting out of jail. Check out the play by play!


The Ogden Standard (UT):

In the good ol’ days, tramps and hobos roamed America, travelling on trains, camping out under the stars, and saving trains full of passengers. Sadly, the days of the hobo are numbered, as seen in this fantastic documentary, The Death of the American Hobo.


The Sun (NY, NY):

The Post Office was always trying to get an edge, or at least stay afloat. In 1913, they were trying to skirt the speed limit, an already quick 9 miles an hour. In this writer’s opinion, that speed was already too fast. The devastation if such an allowance was made can be easily imagined.

Post Office Autos

The San Francisco Call:

This is a rather odd court case. Stanisław Sułkowski, a prince from Austria, brought his washerwoman with him to America before he married a commoner, Miss Freese. Now, apparently this washerwoman could be considered a slave under the Mann Act, which prohibits white slavery, though recently has been updated to prohibit transport for the purpose of prostitution. Note, however, that the washerwoman did not accuse the said prince of slavery, simply of abandoning her on the eve of his wedding in favor of his wife. Sounds like a disgruntled employee to me.

White Slave

The Big Stone Gap Post (Big Stone Gap, VA):

I’ll be honest, I was planning on ending today’s edition with the post above, then I saw the name of this paper and had to share it. Big Stone Gap seems to have been named because it lies in a valley, which is literally a big gap in the stone mountains. And don’t worry, there’s great news for the hideously haired girl!

Stone Gap