Headlines in History: November 13, 1913

Yesterday was 11/12/13 (at least in the American lexicon of date writing. British folk were stuck with a boring 12/11/13). A slew of people decided to get married because of the “unique” date. There is no doubt that the day was unique, but, sadly, with the way we structure our calendar, every 100 years, that date repeats itself (11/12/(19)13). Perhaps those blissfully married masses will mistake Headlines in History for today’s news and be wonderfully confused.

The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN):

Some of the conditions of the city which prevent people from reaching old age include: “noises”, “sequences of incidents”, and “offensive gases”. Though they sound silly, in reality, this Dr. Dezso might have been on to something. It was recently reported that while allergies have been on the rise, farmers and those living in rural settings have experienced no shift in allergy diagnoses. Time to head out to the country.

Old Age

Honolulu Star-Bulletin:

What is it with weddings and numbers?! C’mon people, it’s gonna last or fail, no matter the date.

In other news, the American people were undoubtedly happy that Congress voted to spend $1000 of taxpayer money for a “silver service” to be given to President Wilson’s daughter Jessie. Jessie later became a leading member of the Massachusetts Democratic Party. I hear she attributed her success to the silver service.


Arizona Sentinel and Yuma Weekly Examiner:

I’ll be honest, I was ready to call shenanigans on this one. I can find no records or scientific confirmation that “powdered whiskey” ever existed, apart from this article. Then I came across a 2005 news article from Germany: Experts Warn About Powdered Alcohol. Check out the company’s website here: Subyou. They seem to only distribute in Mexico, so keep an eye out for this stuff if you’re wandering around there. I’m prone to believe the article that, “upon analysis {the drink} has been pronounced the most villainous drink ever sold in Tulsa.”

Powdered Alcohol

The Caucasian (Shreveport, LA):

Shockingly, the ever politically incorrect Caucasian gushed about a “Better Babies” contest, dubbed the “Greatest Event”. Babies were judged on imperfections so that we might reach “a better standard of humanity”. If I recall correctly, another group that liked Caucasians also graded people on how close they were to reaching the apex of humanity…

Better Babies

The Lubbock Avalanche (Lubbock, TX):

Though this paper might not be familiar with their namesake (they’re in Texas!), they do know a thing or two about how not to go hunting.

The first rule of hunting: don’t step in bear traps and get eaten.