Headlines in History: November 9, 1913

My high school students often ask me “why”. “Why did colonists know tobacco was good to smoke?” “Why do people drink boiled leaf water?” “Why did someone eat the first lobster? They look weird.” “Why do people think it is okay to celebrate Columbus Day?” “Why don’t I have an A?” While I usually can provide reasonable answers for the last one, for the rest I tend to quote Calvin and Hobbes:

“Who was the guy who first looked at a cow and said, ‘I think I’ll drink whatever comes out of these things when I squeeze ’em’?”

That tends to weird them out enough so I can move on to Headlines in History!

Bismarck Daily Tribune (ND):

Purity school, huh? Equality of sexes, not bad. A single standard of morality I can get down with. Child marriages to protect children from ruthless invaders. Wait. WHAT??? That took a rather quick turn. (As of now, I can’t find anything in my research to provide anymore information than this article, which means, thankfully, these schools didn’t quite catch on.)

Purity School


Omaha Daily Bee:

Good Guy Burglar:


From the same paper as above, this kid has some great ideas for holidays. Too Hot day. Too Cold Day. Enny Old Day? Heck yes! I support ya, Johnny.


El Paso Herald:

“Three Kisses Take Two Kisses From A Kisser.” You have to read it to understand.


The Washington Herald:

The Beilis Trial was an infamous precursor to the events of the Holocaust. Jews, for much of European history, had been used as scapegoats, and not only in Germany. In the Beilis case, a 13-year old boy was found murdered and mutilated in Kiev. A lamplighter claimed the boy had been kidnapped by a Jew, so Menahem Mendels Beilis was arrested and put on trial. A brutal antisemetic campaign was launched by the Russian press, prompting a number of false testimonies to be heard in court. Beilis was acquitted, moved to Palestine, and later a Pulitzer Prize winning book, The Fixer, was based on his story.


New-York Tribune:

Gotta watch out for those lepers. Trying to live like normal humans or something. The nerve. Good thing for leper islands.