Headlines in History: November 8, 1913

The word “Friday” comes from Old English Frīġedæġ, or “Day of Frigg”. Who the heck is Frigg and why does this character have a day? Well, she was a major god in Norse paganism, married to Odin, and many of our words involving love derive from her (friend; fria in Swedish means “to propose marriage”). In Old Saxon, Fri Day would mean, “Day of the Beloved Lady.” How sweet.

So, love it up that it’s end of the work week and enjoy some Headlines in History.


Daily Capital Journal (Salem, OR):

Dang it European nobility. This is why we don’t want you riding around those newfangled automobiles. Bad things can happen.



El Paso Herald:

An apple a day makes the apple growers very happy. And this is how holidays begin (I’m looking at you, Valentines Day):



Brisbee Daily Review (Brisbee, AZ):

GROSS! Dirty French president, kissing girls. Here in America, we don’t do that.

“Kissing girls in public has not been attempted on an extensive scale in America since Richmond Pearson Hobson shortly after the Spanish-American War. The custom has great vogue in France, however.”

Hobson, for those of you who aren’t aware, was a war hero who traveled the country by train and greeted young admirers with a kiss.



The San Francisco Call:

Some days you’re just really glad it’s Friday. It just gets worse and worse…

The Worst Day

Enjoy your weekend, all.