Headlines in History: November 7, 1913

One paper in Washington this morning warned readers to expect a quiet city in the evening evening. Why, you may ponder? Is it some movement of solidarity with others in the world? A great wake or funeral? No, the newsies are all attending a theater show, courtesy of the newspaper publisher. Their cries, “Read All About It!” would be silent for the evening. One wonders how the news was had at all on that dark day. But never fear, the news is here, on this seventh of November, with Headlines in History.


The Tacoma Times:

Until today, I wasn’t aware that 100 years ago, letters seeking love advice were a thing in America. Luckily for this heartbroken young man, there were reasonable minds to give him the best advice they could: make more money and any girl will like you.


 The San Francisco Call:

Nothing like ancient swords and hidden treasure to begin the day.


The Jasper Weekly Courier (Jasper, IN):

When I first saw the headline for this cartoon, I was excited to read something about empowering women through education. Then I read the caption. Lord forbid women are reading…cookbooks.


The Evening World (NY, NY):

Yeah, this might work well, unless Andy is siphoning that money off to the warden’s secret bank accounts: