Headlines in History: November 4, 1913

Ah, Monday. Nothing like waking up to find it is actually 5 a.m., not 6 a.m. Blasted daylight savings. But, all is not lost, because we have Headlines in History to keep us company on this dark morning. Set your clock!

The Caucasian (Shreveport, La.):

This is less an interesting headline and more an observation that there was a paper, in the South, named The Caucasian. Nothing like racist exclusivism to start the day. Also, note the great advertisement to go along with the paper name: “The Hicks Co.”:


Bismarck Daily Tribune:

Everyone is in an uproar that Christmas ads have already started. In 1913, if you had friends and family living in Guam, you finished your shopping already. The ship left today.

Christmas Ship

The Washington Times:

I’m not sure if this was a headline out of shock or enthusiasm, but nevertheless, J.R. Archer did win the election and became the first person of African descent to hold such a position in London. Archer was an important member of the Labor movement in England at the turn of the century.

London Mayor

The Hawaiian Gazette:

Come on, it is a year later and we’re still having iceberg problems? Get it together, ships hitting things.