History Is Full of Rejected Innovation

This TEDxTalk by David Burkus, the author of The Myths of Creativity, brings us on a nice nine-minute tour of “Ah jeez.”

The reason for Jeezin’? Too many good, creative ideas have been ignored too quickly throughout human history.

Take the riots — there were two — that erupted the night Igor Stravinsky debuted his seminal composition, “The Rite of Spring.” Or that Walt Disney saw his pitch for Disneyland rejected by more than 300 banks before someone was willing to take a chance. Friggin’ Socrates thought the idea of using the written word to convey information was stupid.

The Stravinsky story is worth the watch in and of itself (comprising the video’s first 90 seconds). And if you’re into wonky creativity and innovation chatter, go ahead and watch the whole thing.

photo: Igor Stravinsky. credit: Wikimedia Commons