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photo credit: Laineys Repertoire, Creative Commons/flickr

photo credit: Laineys Repertoire, Creative Commons/flickr

Yester welcomes contributions from writers, academics, students, and anybody, really, who has something interesting and fun to say about history. Send them our way at

Oh, and old photos and video are very cool too!

Please note that we will not publish everything we receive (unless, of course, everything we receive is really terrific).

In order to wind up published, please read Yester to get a sense for what we’re looking to publish.

But a few real quick bullet points:

  • We are aimed at a wide consumer audience (that is to say, non-academic). So we want our writing to be fun. Academic writing is a lot of wonderful things, but usually, that doesn’t include fun. If you’re looking to submit a paper you’ve already written, odds are it could use a revisit to consider its intended audience.
  • Having said that, we will consider publishing academic papers or abstracts (or publishing articles about them, giving the author full credit) if the topic is of enough general interest.
  • We are a history website, but sometimes we like to stroll outside of that comfort zone. Generally, the rule of thumb is “things that might be of interest to history fans.”
  • We love long form. But in general, Yester articles are best kept under 1,000 words. Book excerpts like this one are an obvious exception. Oh yeah, we love book excerpts!
  • We like knocking down common myths and calling BS on popular notions. But you better have proof or at least some pretty damn good theory surrounding your myth busting. When it comes to showing an alternative history, the burden is on you. Here’s a good example.
  • We don’t consider ourselves a news site, because, well, history is in the past and that would be a difficult logical leap to make. But we do like to be aware of current events and to put them into historical context. So if you have something to say along those lines, we want to hear from you.
  • Swearing is OK. But don’t be an ass about it.

These points are non-exhaustive, but hopefully they’re helpful. Read our stuff to get a better sense. Then, submit your work to yester [at] yester [dot] ly. We’re looking forward to receiving it!