Poland’s Vampire Graveyard

Four skeletons uncovered in Poland earlier this year with their skulls between their legs appear to have been victims of a vampire hunt (for which they can blame tuberculosis).

Because TB causes victims to turn pale and lose weight, Slavic fear had it that they had become vampires. As such, they were put to death by decapitation, which apparently ensured that they stayed dead. Or, as the Costa Rica Times delicately put it:

To play it safe, it is likely the locals decapitated the man’s head just in case he was a vampire.

These particular skeletons are thought to be around 300 years old, but executions like this took place as late as the early 20th century.

This is only slightly less gruesome than how tuberculosis victims/vampire suspects were dealt with in New England, where their remains were dug up long after they were buried, and their organs were ripped out and burned.

So. Happy Halloween!

photo credit: Alisha Vargas, Creative Commons/flickr