Cool Stuff About the Third Coolest Dinosaur

Seen above in bone format, the T-Rex was clearly the third coolest dinosaur, just after the Triceratops and way, way behind Abydosaurus (who was clearly the coolest). So we’re good on that front: T-Rex? Pretty neat, even if they weren’t the most neat. Hence, while it would be way cooler to have a pet Tricerations or Abydosaurus, having a pet T-Rex would be pretty great as well.

With that settled: For the mad scientist looking for an ostentatious pet, this nifty infographic will help give you a better idea of what your pet lizard king might look like once you pull it from the vial.

From Nature:

T-Rex Infographic

Still no Abydosaurus, which didn’t even chew its food.

photo from Wikimedia Commons

photo from Wikimedia Commons

Read more recent research about the third coolest dinosaur, including why the hell its arms were so damn small, in Nature.

photo credit: Mike Shaver, Creative Commons/flickr